The Fan Appreciation Program that EA added to Madden 21 on May 19 has injected new vitality for players to continue playing Madden 21. In addition to the regular new challenges, players can also work hard to get some Madden 21 Coins, practical player items, and the most precious free 99 overall Golden Ticket NAT player. After a period of experience, some players have successfully added it to their Ultimate Team and achieved a major breakthrough in overall strength.

These are basically cards specially designed by players who have played Madden 21 and got Golden Tickets by playing certain parts of the game. Contact the winners and ask them which 99 OVR cards they want to use for the game. Among them are quarterback Tim Tebow, Seahawks catcher DK Metcalf, who has strong security, and Bucs tight end Mike Evans at cornerback. There are currently 14 players with golden tickets in the game, and each of them has 99 OVR and high-quality attributes. Their value also corresponds to many Madden 21 Coins.

Just say a few. Benny Snell Jr. for the Steelers, Tim Tebow for the Broncos, Mike Evans for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Derrick Roberson for the Tennessee Titans, they are all 99 OVR. However, according to the actual ability of each person, their prices in the auction house are also slightly different. On some of these platforms, DK Metcalf topped the list with nearly 600,000 MUT 21 Coins. Montez Sweat ranked second with 481K coins, so getting one of these 99 OVR cards for free might be an excellent choice.

These are not the only 99 OVR cards currently in the game. There were also some 99 OVR players in the previous Ultimate Legend, including Randy Moss and Trevor Lawrence 99 OVR card for rookie picks. However, these may cost some enormous sums of money, rather than allowing players to spend some time to complete the task. So if players need powerful help, it is best to buy some Cheap Madden 21 Coins through GameMS. Do it now!