Executive producer Sean Graddy said that this is the team’s intention after the third and final update to Madden 21. The franchise community is very important to EA and the players. They also thank the players for their enthusiasm for Madden NFL. They are reading your feedback to understand the real demands of the players more clearly. Although the development team does not have a lot of details to share, all players need to understand is that EA is actively developing MUT Coins to support Madden’s franchise.

Some players also expect to see the return of The Yard in Madden 22. It is a brand new game mode that allows players to play 6V6 games in the backcourt, which is closer to the real NFL game scene than the normal game mode. The mode is flashy, fast and fun. Of course, it also allows EA to sell cosmetics, which provides another way for micro-transactions. This is useful because the EA ultimate team economy known as gambling may have banned in countries around the world like in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Madden 22 will continue to focus on the main pillars of the ultimate team, namely franchising and Madden story mode, and the upgraded The Yard. Superstars KO and The Yard serve overlapping peer circles, but EA allowed them to coexist last year instead of abandoning the old model and switching to a newer model, so I hope they can all reappear. As EA opens up more places in new modes, game story changes, and other alternative ways to play Madden 22, we will definitely introduce Madden 21 Coins here.

They only need to wait patiently for a few months to enjoy the brand new Madden game. According to EA’s promise, a better franchise will be more attractive. If they are competitive and foresight, they can also buy a lot of Cheap MUT Coins through GameMS like those smart players last year. Go ahead.