The move makes plenty of sense for the sport because it celebrates its fifth birthday; the Psyonix team seems to be focusing most of its energy on supporting the game’s growing esports scene, and a huge influx of latest players is certain to spur interest as Rocket League Championship Series X launches next month.

But what's surprising is that the collection of exciting announcements made alongside the shift to a free-to-play model, a number of which are the primary news we’ve received about much-requested features.

Cross Platform Progression has been at the highest of players’ wishlists since the game’s release in 2015. additionally to the competitive rank they’ve worked so hard to earn, every Rocket League player currently has a listing of cosmetics that’s permanently tied to the platform they play on Rocket League Items. Cross Platform Progress will finally let players transfer their rank and items between “the platform of their choice” and therefore the Epic Games Store version of the sport when it launches.

The specific wording of the announcement suggests that players will only be ready to link one platform to the Epic Games Store version of Rocket League Buy Rocket League Items , which can cause conflict