This month, the Amazon New World economy shut down for the second time, making players desperate about the state of this young MMO game. News about trophy replication failures has spread everywhere in the New World community, which allows unscrupulous players to seize the opportunity to create copies of profitable items at will. The prices of these trophies plummeted in the in-game market, destroying the investment of time, energy and New World Gold in the game for many legitimate players.

New World community manager Tosch issued an announcement last Monday that Amazon has taken measures and developers have banned all forms of wealth transfer between players (ie sending currency, guild vaults, trading stations, player-to-player transactions). It will severely attack any player who takes part in using this vulnerability. However, replication failures are nothing new in online games. These things often happen when new games face thousands of players looking for security vulnerabilities. However, for New World, this has been a recurring problem less than two months after its release.

Although New World can still be played when the economic transfer is closed, there are certain ripple effects on the decisions of other in-game systems. For example, some players complained the shutdown prevented them from paying virtual taxes for the towns in the game, resulting in automatic downgrades that they could not stop. During the two economic shutdowns, some players publicly asked for compensation to make up for losing value they invested in the game. Given the recurring problems, others have despaired of the long-term health of the entire game.

What players can do now is to pray for Amazon to solve this problem as soon as possible. If they feel heartache about their loss, they can go to IGGM to see cheap RPG New World Coins for sale on all servers. Buy Amazon New World Coins Fast!