For any players who love melee, it will be very excited to hear that Amazon is about to make New World war easier. Some companies in the MMO find themselves unable to declare war on other companies, but Amazon will solve the problem immediately, although there are other war issues that have not yet been resolved. But this decision will stimulate the players’ desire to fight. Every player who needs to prepare to enter the war needs to Buy New World Coins in advance.

Amazon Game Studio reported in its latest development blog that the new patch program has fixed the “many players from a faction all turned in PvP missions at the same time” bug. This means that the impact of these tasks has not been calculated correctly. However, the team requires players to report whether it is still going on. However, the development team also admitted that there are other war-related issues that it still needs to face, including the issue that caused another problem that New World did not correctly display the company’s influence contribution, so players can see if they should be able to declare War or not. The team is investigating this issue, but has not yet come up with a suitable solution.

Another obvious game-damaging bug that needs to be fixed immediately is the Garden of Genesis’ end boss, The Blighted Greenskeeper, suddenly sniping down players with a single shot despite being killed already. What’s even stranger is that the gunfire comes from an illegible direction, because there is no corresponding animation when the shooter fires. And it will unknowingly make players pay a lot of unnecessary New World Coins as a price, making them unable to complete the task smoothly.

These issues need to be taken seriously by Amazon and solved one by one. There must never be another wave of unrest. Players can also go to IGGM to see if there are any practical game guides to learn from and use code “NW5” to buy the cheapest New World Coins there. Have fun.