Some time ago, EA added a batch of new Golden Ticket Players to Madden 21. Most of them have left their glorious achievements in NFL history. For those players who need it, what they want most is to be able to keep their team’s strength continuously rising. Therefore, no matter they spent how many Madden 21 Coins, they will not hesitate. But there is one point that can save. There are some ways that players can easily acquire those players without paying too much.

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk, former New York Giants linebacker Carl Banks and cornerback Jimmy Smith, the three of them are good both in terms of statistics and actual performance. All stats are above 95, and experienced Madden players know what kind of concept this is. The Baltimore Ravens corner kick is a one-on-one prototype. All the above cards are now available through the Madden 21 auction house, and packages will select. Each of cards has a Quicksell value of 100,000 Training, but most people want to keep these Madden 21 Coins in their lineup. We expect that at least one Madden 21 Golden Tickets player will release before other content in the game.

Fan Appreciation program and new packs were also released a few days ago. Through this program, players can play through different task sequences in the challenge. These are the return of previous promotions throughout the season, including holiday-themed content, blitz, etc. The goal is to get 120 stars by defeating these challenges. After reaching this level, you will get a free 99 OVR Golden Tickets card that is not actionable but tradeable as a reward. Gamers can choose one of the 18 previous Madden 21 Golden Tickets players in the game. Unfortunately, all players with MUT Coins shown in this event will not include in the options.

The only way to get the latest GT players is through random packaging or by clicking on the auction house. Currently, the card value of Taysom Hill is 400,000 to over 800,000 Madden Coins. Carl Banks’ SS card sold for 450-600,000 coins on the PlayStation 4 list. With such a high price, most players should choose to go to GameMS to buy some cheap enough MUT 21 Coins before buying a certain player they want.