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    It is said that childhood is a delicious dish, which contains a variety of sweet and sour taste, and the most memorable of childhood hopes is the most delicious braised pork. When I was a child, I was looking forward to summer. In the hot summer days of Guangzhou, of course, water companionship is indispensable. There is a very large artificial lake in the community. In the summer, I often go to the lake with my friends to catch the cockroaches, and I can get countless pieces by hand at the lake. Most of the tools we catch are using small boxes with rubber. Holding a small box in his hand, he reached into the microwave, the clear and transparent lake surface like an emerald Cigarettes For Sale. The body suddenly had no enthusiasm, and looked at the small shackles, and felt very comfortable and happy Marlboro Red. When I was a child, I was looking forward to braised pork. For me who loves to eat, braised pork is of course dripping, but because her mother is vegetarian, she does not often make meat at home, so every time I eat his braised pork, I have a saying in my heart. Not the joy. Piece of pork belly, sprinkled with thick sauce, and a few orange-red carrots next to it, filled with the mother's deep love, how can people not expect childhood, I look forward to growing up. When I was a child, I often sneaked on my mother's high heels and long skirts when I was not at home. I stood in front of the mirror and imagined how beautiful I was when I grew up Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I think that when I grow up, I can do what I like to do without worry, and I can be free from the constraints of my parents. How happy it is! In fact, these hopes of childhood are derived from the innocent childlike heart of childhood. Nowadays, in the early summer, the table is still stewed with braised pork. I have grown up, but I can��t find it again. , the feeling of hope.
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