Fast forward 113 years, how did that portfolio work out? Portfolio construction is the purview of a wholly different group, which is sometimes geographically removed from others. Earnings Season has come and gone and the result can be best described as "Meh!" In the meantime, the American economy continues to muddle through. Just like the story of the unprofitable servant, the best that would happen to these group of investors is that even the small that they have will be taken from them and given to the rich. First of all, will you live long enough or be patient enough to see those kinds of returns? Apple (AAPL) - Apple (AAPL) continues to see downside as the NASDAQ is weak. These boutiques near me s might come in cheap but also sink totally very often taking all your investments with them. Nevertheless, an organization which has come to be tainted by a economic scandal could not be able to recuperate.

Robert Shiller is well-known for his analysis showing that long-term stock real returns, i.e. after inflation, to be 7%. With CPI at 1.5%, the long term stock returns should be 8.5%, right? These findings, which might seem both surprising and contradictory, were made and analyzed by this year’s Laureates, Eugene Fama, Lars Peter Hansen and Robert Shiller. Think about it this way, let's take Robert Shiller's assertion that equity real returns of 7% to be correct. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to forecast long run equity market returns. There is no way to predict the price of stocks and bonds over the next few days or weeks. As the US calendar heads into Thanksgiving and the Black Friday kick-off of the year-end shopping season, I am also watching carefully the behavior of retailing stocks for an indication of consumer strength. I am also seeing signs of continued cyclical strength.

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